Fuat Büyükbayrak, Ahmet Fi̇aflmazel, Onursal Bu¤ra, Ayfle Baysal, Ali Fedakar, Orhan Tezcan, Hasan Sunar

Keywords: Isolated, calcific pulmonary valve, hepatic failure, esophageal varices


A 66 years-old man with a history of pulmonary valve stenosis was admitted with the complaints of respiratory insufficiency and sudden onset of dark brown bleeding from the mouth. The in-hospital investigation revealed he had esophageal varices and cirrhosis of the liver. Further studies demonstrated that isolated pulmonary valve stenosis was present and this was the only cause of the hepatic failure. This is a case report of an isolated calcification of a pulmonary valve causing development of severe hepatic failure with abrupt bleeding of the esophageal varices.