Aims and Scope

Koşuyolu Heart Journal aims to present advances in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, congenital heart surgery, and cardiovascular anesthesia to the readers. In order to achieve this goal, Koşuyolu Heart Journal publishes research articles (for the clinical or laboratory studies), reviews (by invitation only), case reports, original images, original techniques for cardiovascular surgery or cardiovascular interventions and letters/critiques on cardiovascular medicine. Koşuyolu Heart Journal publishes, after double blinded peer review, the articles for the target reader population consisting of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and cardiac anesthesiologists. The articles should be submitted in English, while the title and abstract should be written in both English and Turkish. Editorial and publication process of Koşuyolu Heart Journal are congruent with the standards of ICMJE, WAME, and COPE. Koşuyolu Heart Journal is an open access journal.

Originality of Manuscript

The corresponding author must certify that their article is original, has not been published previously, and is not under consideration for publication by another journal. The corresponding author should affirm originality of the work in the Article Submission Form. If the work has been presented previously at a meeting as an oral or poster presentation, corresponding author must state the name, date and place of the meeting at the Title Page.


An individual who has made substantial intellectual contributions to the article should be an author. Each author must have a role in all of the following areas:

  1. Conception and designing of study, or data collection, or analysis and interpretation of data.
  2. Writing article or revising it substantially.
  3. Final approval of the submitted version.

Other contributors who perform technical support, identify patients for study, translate the texts, supply materials, provide funding have not been qualified as author. These contributions may be acknowledged in the manuscript. Author roles are stated at Article Submission Form.

Human Rights

The Koşuyolu Heart Journal accepts the Declaration of Helsinki Principles as the policy of the Journal. Therefore, all studies concerning human subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board. All study subjects should be informed and written consent should be obtained. The editor may ask for a copy of the approval document.

Animal Rights

All studies dealing with animal subjects must be performed according to The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals ( with the approval of the Institutional Review Board. The editor may ask for a copy of the approval document.

Editorial and Peer Review Process

  1. Tecnical review by the Editorial Secretary.
  2. 1st review and similarity check by the deputy editor in chief (reject, sending technical revision or further evaluation)
  3. Review by the Section Editor
  4. Review by two external or more reviewers.
  5. Review by Bioistatics Consultant (if required)
  6. Revisions (if required)
  7. Evaluation by the Section Editor (reject or accept)
  8. Evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief (approval or reevaluation)
  9. Assignment of DOI number
  10. Appearance of article title and list of authors in Journal’s website
  11. English language editing
  12. Galley proof preparation
  13. Epub ahead of print
  14. Publication

Authors and referees do not know each other's identities, journals follow a double-blind peer review process. All manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed for their originality, methodology, ethical nature and suitability for the Koşuyolu Heart Journal. The editor has the right to format or reject the manuscripts which do not follow the rules or send them back to the author for correction. Authors who wish to withdraw their manuscripts need to state this to the editor in written form. All manuscripts received are submitted to iThenticate, a plagiarism checking system. Manuscripts judged to be plagiarised will not be considered for publication.

Submitted papers are reviewed by, the editor, the associated editors, and at least two reviewers. The editor and associated editors may decide to send the manuscript to a third reviewer. The editor and associated editors is the complete authority regarding reviewer selection. The reviewers may be selected from the Journals Advisory Boards or independent national or international reviewers may be selected when required for the topic of the manuscript. There are no submission and processing charges.

Instructions for Authors

Instructions for authors can be accessed from and printed samples of the Journal.

Scientific and Legal Responsibility of the Articles

Scientific and legal responsibility of the published articles belongs to the authors. Authors are responsible for the contents of the articles and accuracy of the references. Kartal Koşuyolu High Specialization Training and Research Hospital, the Editor-in-Chief, the Associated Editors or the Publisher do not accept any responsibility for the published articles.

Open Access Policy

Koşuyolu Heart Journal is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. The Journal is licensed under CC BY-SA. The article content can be used provided that the Koşuyolu Heart Journal is cited. Journal articles can be archiving without any permission.


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