Mustafa Aldemi̇r, Devrim Eroğlu, Fahri Adalı, Mustafa Emmi̇ler

Keywords: Left internal thoracic artery, elderly; coronary artery by-pass


Introduction: This study aimed to compare postoperative complications in elderly patients who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting surgery with or without use of the left internal thoracic artery.Patients and Methods: In this retrospective clinical study, 40 patients over 75 years old undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting surgery between September 2011 and December 2013 in our clinic were included. Twenty of the patients underwent coronary surgery with LITA and the other 20 patients underwent without LITA. We compared the two groups on the basis of postoperative mechanical complications.Results: Postoperative pneumothorax was seen in 3 patients (15%, p=0.03) who had undergone coronary artery surgery with LITA. Sternal dehiscence was seen in one patient (5%, p=0.047) and sternal infection was seen in one other patient (5%, p=0.047) in whom LITA was used. None of these complications were seen in patients in whom LITA was not used.Conclusion: Postoperative complications such as pneumothorax, sternal dehiscence and sternal infection were more common in elderly patients in whom LITA was used. However, in consideration of the important superiorities of LITA, this graft cannot be easily abandoned. In conclusion, if the required measures are taken in the elderly without diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, pre-operative pulmonary disease which would negatively affect the post-operative prognosis, complications related with LITA grafting would not be as serious as to refrain from using this graft in elderly patients.