Yusuf Karaveli̇oğlu, Emrah Ereren, Ali Kemal Erenler, Adem İlkay Di̇ken, Adnan Yalçınkaya

Keywords: Heart injury, cardiac tamponade; stab injury; gunshot injury


Penetrating cardiac injuries are one of the most lethal types of trauma. Early diagnosis, appropriate approach in the emergency department (ED), early resuscitation and immediate surgical intervention are essential in the management of penetrating cardiac injuries. In this study we retrospectively evaluated five patients with penetrating cardiac injuries in a 1-year period before an open heart surgery center was set up in our hospital; and we aimed to underline the importance of an appropriate and early surgical intervention without cardiopulmonary by-pass on survival. Median age of our patients was 26 years (range, 17-42 years) and all of the patients were males. Two patients were presented as cardiac arrest and they could not be survived. Three of our patients presented to our ED with cardiogenic shock and all of them recovered after the operation. Right ventricle injury was determined in two patients and both of them survived after the operation. In 3 patients, left ventricle injury was observed and 2 of them died. While 3 patients presented with gunshot injury, 2 of them presented with sharp object injury. One patient in each group was died. Three patients recovered without any complications, however 2 patients- one before operation and 1 during operation- died (survival rate: 3/5). Those 3 patients did not develop any major stationary sequela with normal LVEF in the follow-up at first and third.