Therapeutic Pericardiocentesis Under the Guidance of Transthoracic Echocardiography with the Use of Agitated Saline Contrast

Ahmet Çağrı Aykan, Can Yücel Karabay, Regayip Zehi̇r, Banu Şahi̇n Yıldız

Issue: April 2016, Volume 19 - Issue 1 Pages: 42-43 DOI: 10.5578/khj.6672
0 212

Does the Thoracoscopic Pericardial Fenestration Side Matter in Patients With Cardiac Tamponade?

Murat Akkuş, Yunus Seyrek

Issue: December 2020, Volume 23 - Issue 3 Pages: 203-207 DOI: 10.51645/khj.20068
0 392