Mustafa Karaçelik, Cengiz Sert, Selim Özenç, Hakan Köksal, Yalçın Güvenli, Cengiz Özbek

Keywords: Ebstein's anomaly, congenital; tricuspid valve disease


A new procedure for correction of Ebstein's anomaly that restores to near normal the anatomic and physiologic function of the tricuspid valve and the right ventricle is reported. Through a surgical approach, the displaced anterior leaflet was detached from the annulus. Most of the atrialized portion of the right ventricular wall was suspended; the tricuspid annulus was plicated anteromedially. The leaflet was then reattached to the native anterior annulus. Tricuspid valve was repaired using a 33 mm St. Jude ring. The patient was discharged from hospital uneventfully.