Muhammed Süleymanoğlu, Cengiz Burak, Ayça Gümüşdağ, Mahmut Yesin

Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kafkas, Kars, Turkey

Keywords: Interatrial block; pulmonary embolism; electrocardiography


Introduction: Interatrial block (IAB), which is defined as a conduction delay between the right and left atri- um, is characterized by the prolongation of P wave on the electrocardiography (ECG). In this study, we aimed to investigate the relationship between the presence of IAB and acute pulmonary embolism (APE) in patients admitted to emergency department with a preliminary diagnosis of APE.

Patients and Methods: In this retrospective case-control study, a total of 82 patients with a preliminary diag- nosis of APE were enrolled. Of these patients, 42 patients were diagnosed with APE via pulmonary computed tomographic angiography. In all patients, the ECGs were recorded on admission.

Results: Our study findings revealed that P wave dispersion, P wave duration of ≥ 120 ms, and notched P wave were significantly higher in patients with APE (p< 0.05 for all). Also, elevated heart rate and lower systolic blood pressure were found in patients with APE (p= 0.022 and p= 0.043, respectively). In multivariable logis- tic regression analysis, P wave duration of ≥ 120 ms was found to be an independent predictor of APE (OR: 3.958; 95% CI: 1.095-14.308; p= 0.036). In a receiver operating characteristics curve analysis, IAB predicted the APE with a sensitivity of 40.5% and a specificity of 85%.

Conclusion: Prolonged P wave duration was observed more frequently in patients with APE. The study find- ings showed that IAB may be an important predictor of APE in patients with a preliminary diagnosis of APE.

Cite this article as: Süleymanoğlu M, Burak C, Gümüşdağ A, Yesin M. Evaluation of interatrial block in patients presented with acute pulmonary embolism. Koşuyolu Heart J 2021;24(1):25-31.

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The study was approved by the Kafkas University Faculty of Medicine Ethics Committee (Date: 30.01.2019; No: 80576354-050-99/31).

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