Ahmet Fiaflmazel, Türek Onur Ahmet, Kavlak Ela Fiahinbafl

Keywords: Right atrial myxoma; atrial flutter


A 22 year-old man presented to the emergency unit with the complaint of difficulty in breathing. In the physical exam, dyspnea and orthopnea were found. In the electocardiographic exam (ECG) atrial flutter rhythm was seen. The transthoracic echocardiographic exam revealed a large atrial mass that was originating from interatrial septum. During surgery, complete surgical removal of the right atrial mass was successfully performed under moderate hypothermia. Histological investigations revealed a mass of 15 x 3 cm in diameter and the pathological examination showed that the lesion is a myxoma. Twelve months after surgical excision, clinical and echocardiographical follow-up showed a satisfactory exercise tolerance, sinus rhythm in ECG exam, and cardiac functions within normal limits.