Deniz Çevi̇rme, İlker Mataracı, Oğuz Konukoğlu, Kaan Kırali̇, Mehmet Balkanay

Keywords: Heart transplantation; coronary vessels; graft rejection.


Cardiac allograft vasculopathy is an accelerated form coronary artery disease that characterized by development of fibrous intimal hyperplasia of all coronary artery. This is a major factor determining long-term survival in heart transplantation. Three (4%) patients were developed coronary artery disease and allograft vasculopathy from orthotopik heart transplantation in 62 patients at our clinic in late follow-up. There were two of the male, one female patients and age 22, 24 and 39, respectively. Because of development in young patients multivessel disease were performed invasive procedures. Women patient was died after diagnosed one year. Two patients continued medical follow-up. Allograft vasculopathy is very diffuse pathology that invasive procedures success is limited in the treatment.