Mehmet Beşir Akpınar, Ebru İpek Türkoğlu, Sevinç Sannav, Fidan Sever

Keywords: Tuberculosis, cardiovascular; pulmonary heart disease; tuberculosis, miliary.


Miliary pulmonary tuberculosis is a rare condition following open heart surgery. Tuberculosis is a more common entity in Asia and Africa. Following an increase in international travels globalizing world, the possibility of the occurrence of this entity has increased worldwide. The patient, without a history of previous tuberculosis was admitted to our department with a clinical condition that mimics heart failure. After routine laboratory tests, cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons easily established the diagnosis of pump lung disease. The condition of patient did not respond to the treatments, untill the right diagnosis established with consultations. The patient responded to treatment following the diagnosis of miliary pulmonary tuberculosis 35 days after coronary bypass surgery, and is still on maintenance therapy.