Mustafa Bulut, Elnur Ali̇zade, Gökhan Göl, Göksel Açar, Ali Metin Esen

Keywords: Hypertrophy; atrial septum; steroids.


A 34-year-old woman with no cardiovascular history was referred to the cardiology clinic for palpitations. She was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis two years prior to current presentation and on long term both intravenous and oral prednisone therapy due to uncontrolled multiple sclerosis attacks. Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography showed a highly echogenic bilobed interatrial mass suggestive of fatty tissue. Multidetector cardiac tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging confi rmed mass to be lipomatous hypertrophy of the interatrial septum typically not spreading to the foramen ovale.