Sinan Sabit Kocabeyoğlu, Erdem Çeti̇n, Arda Özyüksel, Barış Kutaş, Ahmet Çalışkan, Ferit Özdemi̇r, Mustafa Paç

Keywords: New center, cardiac surgery; coronary bypass surgery; valve replacement


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this article is to present the early results of 195 heart surgery procedures performed in a newly established cardiovascular clinic at Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital. METHODS: Between June 2009-June 2011, 195 consecutive patients were evaluated retrospectively. A total of 144 cases of coronary artery bypass surgery has been applied; in 43 of them beating heart was performed, in four patients simultaneous carotid endarterectomy was performed. Valve replacement was performed in 37 cases, valve replacement and concomitant coronary artery bypass surgery was performed in eight cases. Repair of cardiac injury was performed in four cases. Coronary bypass surgery and left ventricle aneurysm repair was performed in one case. One patient underwent resection of hydatid cyst of in the left ventricular wall. RESULTS: The mean age of the patients was 59.31±14: 17 (20-84 years). One hundred and twenty-eight of the patients were men, while 67 of them were women. The most common comorbidity was hypertension (59%), following smoking (55.4%), hyperlipidemia (54.4%), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (33.8%) and diabetes mellitus (30.8). Mean duration of stay in the intensive care unit was 20.76±7.15 hours, the mean length of hospital stay was 6.38±4.19 days, respectively. Hospital mortality was observed in 12 patients (6.15%). Revision has been carried out in five patients due to postoperative bleeding, revision rate was 2.56%. CONCLUSION: Our clinic has started to perform and continue cardiac operations in Diyarbakır, with the leadership of Ministry of Health and Türkiye Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital.