Göksel Açar, Birol Özkan, Gökhan Alıcı, Anıl Avcı, Elnur Ali̇zade, Mehmet Vefik Yazıcıoğlu, Ali Metin Esen

Keywords: Carotid artery stenting, QT dispersion; electrocardiography


OBJECTIVE: Although carotid artery stenting (CAS) is an effective treatment for severe carotid stenosis, it has been associated with alterations in autonomic functions during or shortly after the procedure. The aim of this study was to investigate QT durations on 12-lead surface electrocardiography after CAS.METHODS: Patients (29 male, 12 female) that are suitable for CAS, without a history of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, severe coronary artery or valvular heart disease, were enrolled to our study. 12-lead surface electrocardiography recordings were obtained at the beginning, immediately after and at the 24 hour of the procedure. QT maximum, minimum and dispersion durations were analyzed by double blinded observers. Three distinct corrected QT intervals were determined according to Bazett's formula. Results were statistically analyzed using Friedman and Wilcoxon tests.RESULTS: The QT maximum and dispersion values were significantly decreased immediately after the procedure and continued with low levels at 24 hour recordings, respectively (455±44/58±11, 440±46/37±10, and 450±44/48±10 ms, p value