Murat Günday, Mehmet Tükenmez, Hilal Erinanç

Keywords: Radial artery, aneurysm; foreign bodies


Aneurysms of the radial artery are extremely rare. Most of them are pseudoaneurysms resulting from trauma. In this report, a 16-year-old male patient admitted to the cardiovascular surgery polyclinic with the complaints of the growing mass on the front of the left arm for 10 days was described and diagnostic methods, treatment options and potential complications of radial artery pseudoaneurysms have been discussed. Due to their low incidence, such aneurysms have diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Awareness of this entity and its severe complications such as digital gangrene, nerve dysfunction, and aneurysm rupture may alert the clinicians to consider pseudoaneurysm in the differential diagnosis and contribute to prevent possible clinical complications. In this report our surgical modality providing revascularization with using cephalic vein was introduced and it was emphasized that cephalic vein is large enough for a young adult patients and it does not require extra incision for performing.