Yusuf Türkmen, Cüneyt Koçaş, Işıl Uzunhasan, Cengizhan Türkoğlu, Mustafa Yıldız

Keywords: Bradycardia, paroxysmal atrium fibrillation; pacemaker.


OBJECTIVE: The incidence of chronic diseases increases along with the extension of the life of humans day by day. One of them is a paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF). However, there has been no accurate treatment method for PAF yet and the most commonly applied method is radiofrequency isolation of pulmonary veins. But still alternative treatment approaches are needed. For this reason we implanted dual-chamber, rate-modulated pacing (DDDR) pacemaker in patients with PAF secondary to bradycardia and evaluated the frequency of PAF attacks.METHODS: For this reason 54 patients with acute AF who had at least two PAF attacks within the last year were enrolled our study. After converting the cardiac rhythms of the patients to sinus rhythm, rhythm holter device was connected to the patients within first 48 hours. Patients with average heart rate RESULTS: The mean age of patients were 60±15.5 years. Mean left atrium diameter was measured as 42.4±6.3 mm. The rate of PAF was significantly higher in patients with coronary artery disease or mitral valve disease as compared to those without these diseases (41.7% vs 28.57% and 44.4% vs 28.9%, respectively), (p