Mehmet Ata Akıl, Mehmet Zihni Bi̇li̇k, Halit Acet, Senem Yaman Tunç, Faruk Ertaş, Mesut Aydın, Hasan Kaya, Yahya İslamoğlu, Sait Alan

Keywords: Preeclampsia, mean platelet volume, neutrophil lymphocyte ratio, hypertension


Introduction: This study was undertaken to examine the role of hematological parameters in predicting the severity of hypertension in pre-eclamptic women. Patients and Methods: Two hundred sixty-one pre-eclamptic women and fifty-one women with normal pregnancy were included in the study. The severity of preeclampsia was classified as mild or severe. Results: Compared to post-delivery period, pre-eclamptic females had lower platelet count, raised mean platelet volume and raised neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (p< 0.001, p< 0.001, p< 0.001, respectively). Multiple linear regression analysis showed an independent correlation between the severity of hypertension and mean platelet volume as well as the neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (β= 0.25, p< 0.001; β= 0.31, p< 0.001, respectively). Conclusion: Both mean platelet volume and neutrophil lymphocyte ratio emerged as independent predictors of the severity of hypertension in preeclampsia.