Oruç Alper Onk, Mehmet Aksüt, Fatih Özçeli̇k, Didem Onk, Erdim Sertoğlu, Hüseyin Serkan Erol, Ümit Kahraman, Osman Nuri Tuncer, Ömer Yi̇ği̇ner, Bilgehan Erkut

Keywords: Topical haemostasis, abdominal aorta


Introduction: The use of topical haemostatic agents has been popularised in recent years in many areas of surgery. We aimed to determine whether Ankaferd blood stopper® (ABS) can shorten the bleeding time and decrease the amount of bleeding in a rat abdominal aortic bleeding model. Patients and Methods: A total of 40 rats were randomly divided into four groups (n= 10 in each group). Saline- and ABS-soaked gauzes were applied to rats that had not received any pre-treatment in Groups 1 and 2, while saline- and ABS-soaked gauzes were applied to rats that had received acetylsalicylic acid plus oral clopidrogel for 5 days in Groups 3 and 4. An incision of about 1 mm was made over the aorta just proximal to the iliac bifurcation. Mean bleeding time (MBT) and mean bleeding amount (MBA) were determined and compared. Results: There were no significant differences in the age, weight and blood sample laboratory results of rats. Shorter MBT and less MBA were determined in ABS-soaked groups and the differences were statistically significant. Conclusion: Ankaferd blood stopper® has the potential to reduce the bleeding time and post-operative blood loss after a major aortic surgery.