Cüneyt Nari̇n, Burçin Abud, İlker Ki̇ri̇ş, Figen Boyacı

Keywords: Congenital pericardial defect, partial right pericardial defect, asymptomatic course


Congenital pericardial defects are rare and usually asymptomatic. These defects are detected incidentally during cardiac or thorax operations. Partial left pericardial defects are seen more frequently. On the contrary, partial right pericardial defects are seen very rarely. 59 year old male patient was operated for coronary artery bypass grafting. During the operation a partial right pericardial defect was detected. This defect was asymptomatic without creating a pressure. Therefore, we did not interfere with this defect. At the end of the surgery, right chest drain was inserted for this defect. Congenital pericardial defects are very rare and generally asymptomatic pathologies. The presence of these defects are difficult with conventional diagnostic methods. However, in some cases, these defects can create symptoms and lead to serious problems. The surgical treatment of this pathology is very simple. Due to its rarity and problem-free nature, these pathologies rarely come to mind. Therefore this condition may be a lethal and important pathology in some cases.