Mahmut Özdemi̇r, Yemlihan Ceylan, Nesim Aladağ, Tayyar Akbulut, Faysal Şaylık, Mustafa Etli̇

Keywords: Atherosclerosis, aneurysm, coronary arteries


Having typical ischemic chest pain, 55-year-old male patient applied to our clinic. It was determined that in coronary angiography; giant aneurysm in the shape of fusiform in the proximal segment of left anterior descending (LAD) artery, significant stenosis in the first diagonal branch line; significant stenosis in circumflex artery and the total occlude in the right coronary artery. The patient was operated through coronary artery bypass greft (CABG). In this our case, we aimed to present the giant LAD aneurysm accompanied by atherosclerosis. This our case is one of the giant LAD aneurysms see in literature.