İsmail Koramaz, Macit Bi̇targi̇l, Helin El Kılıç, Fatih Gökalp

Keywords: Coronary angiography, complications, guidewire


The number of coronary angiographies performed each year is increasing worldwide. This may lead to a rise in the number of complications that will need surgical intervention. There is a risk of entrapment of the guidewire that is used in coronary angiography inside the vessel wall. This complication is rarely seen, but may occur depending on calcifications or technical difficulties. Overstretching of the stuck wire might result in wire fracture, and this may cause embolic or thrombotic events. Treatment is challenging and can be done via percutaneous or surgical methods. Herein, we present the case of a male patient with an entrapment of the coronary artery guidewire inside the septal branch of the left anterior descending artery.