İbrahim Kaya

Keywords: CABG, heart valve, vascular, new centre


Introduction: To evaluate the first results of our clinic, in a newly opened hospital, where active surgery is started a few days following patient admission. Patients and Methods: Clinical practices performed in the Eskisehir City Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic between 1st November 2018, and 1st August 2019, were examined in the study. During this time, 104 open-heart procedures, two carotid endarterectomies, 225 vascular surgery interventions and 86 peripheral endovascular interventions were performed in our clinic. Results: The total number of in-hospital deaths was six. Of these, three patients were in emergency situations, and two patients were on routine dialysis because of chronic kidney failure. A patient who underwent aortic and mitral valve replacement died of a multiple-organ failure on the 17th postoperative day. Of the 97 coronary bypass operations, four were performed using the beating-heart bypass technique. Conclusion: Our team, each from a different centre, performed the first open-heart surgery a few weeks after the opening of a new hospital, and it made it sustainable by reaching 104 cases in 9 months. Considering that the newly opened heart surgery clinics in our country have been operating under the supervision of a well-established centre, we think that our clinic, which has achieved this by its own means, has shown a great success.