Effectiveness Of Glutamate-Aspartate Solution Filled In Pericardial Cavity On Decreasing Myocardial Damage (Experimental Study)

M.H Us, T. Ogus, K. Cagli, K. İnan, T. Yesildere, G. Sennazli, E. Duran, Y.O Ozturk

Pages: 1-7
0 293

Does Mitral Valve Repair Improve The Mid-Long Term Results of Mild To Moderate Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation

H. Bingol, E. Cingoz, E. Ozal, M.H Us, A.T Yilmaz, H. Tatar

Pages: 8-14
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Morphometric Analysis Of Cardiac Conduction System

N.U Bozbuga, B. Yaymacı, V. Erentug, S. Tas, K. Kırali, E. Kaynak, A. Ozturk, Z. Ari, E. Akinci, K. Sahinoglu, C. Yakut

Pages: 15-20
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Ultrastructural Changes of Left Atrial Endomyocardium in Patients with Mitral Paraphosthetic Regurgitation

B. Yaymacı, N.U Bozbuga, F. Ercan, S. Dagdelen, D. Mansuroglu, A. Tuncer, V. Erentug

Pages: 21-25
0 282

Surgical Treatment of Complications of Superior Mesenteric Artery Aneurysm

E. Ozal, M.H Us, A.T Yilmaz, H. Bingol, B.S Oz, F. Cingoz, H. Tatar

Pages: 26-30
0 284

Accessory Mitral Valve Tissue Causing Outflow Tract Obstruction: A Case Report

H. Bingol, M.H Us, A.T Yilmaz, M. Uzun, H. Tatar

Pages: 31-34
0 283

Giant Eustachian Valve Associated with An Echocardiographic Appearance of Divided Right Atrium

T. Yavuz, C. Nazlı, O. Ki̇nay, A. Ocal, E. İbri̇si̇m, A. Kutsal

Pages: 35-38
0 306