Hemodulition During Off-Pump CABG: Can We Improve Flow and Reduce Hypercoagubility?

M. Guden, İ. Sani̇soglu, E. Sagbas, M.u Ergenoglu, U. Ozbek, B. Akpi̇nar

Pages: 1-5
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Can Progressıon of Subsequenthypoxia Be Estimated By Preoperative Pulmonary Function Tests After Coronary Bypass Grafting?

T. Ege, S. Canbaz, M. Ci̇ki̇ri̇kci̇oglu, H. Sunar, M. Edi̇s, B. Ci̇ki̇ri̇kci̇oglu, E. Duran

Pages: 17-24
0 308

C-Reactive Protein Analyses of Pericardial Fluid

T. Ege, M.H Us, M. Ci̇ki̇ri̇kci̇oglu, C. Arar, E Duran

Pages: 25-30
0 307

Results of Thoracoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy with Two Thoracoports Running Title: Two-Ports Thoracic Sympathectomy

T. Isitmangil, R. Gorur, H. Tunc, S. Sebit, O. Erdik, H. Cermik, A. Toker, M.K Celenk, M. Us, K. Balkanli, O.Y Ozturk

Pages: 31-36
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A Case of Rapidly Resolving Phantom Tumor After Acute Ventricular Functional Improving Following CABG

T. Yavuz, A. Ocal, C. Nazli̇, O. Ki̇nay, E. İbri̇si̇m, A. Kutsal

Pages: 37-40
0 265

A Case of Mitral Stenosis Complicated with Seronegative Brucella Endocarditis

T. Yavuz, C. Agalar, A Ocal, E. İbri̇si̇m, A. Kutsal

Pages: 41-44
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