İbrahim Çağrı Kaya

Eskişehir City Health Application and Research Center, Eskişehir, Türkiye

Keywords: Chemotherapy, central venous catheter, port catheter


Introduction: The use of central venous port provides a safer and better quality of life for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Refusal of central venous port implantation in patients with inadequate venous access may lead to discontinuation of chemotherapy or even extravasation of peripheral vasculitis and anti-cancer drugs. By doing this survey-based study, it was aimed to determine the reasons before the implantation of central venous port systems, the patient’s satisfaction afterwards, the complications associated with the port system, the discomfort they cause and the expectations of the patients.

Patients and Methods: The study was carried out based on a questionnaire and through one-to-one interview by a cardiovascular surgeon with 100 patients who were treated with central venous port in the chemotherapy unit of Eskişehir City Hospital between August 1 and October 31, 2022.

Results: Sixty-one percent of the patients cited long-term intravenous therapy and 44% cited inadequate venous access as the cause of port implantation. Ninety-six percent of the participants stated that they were satisfied with their ports. Only six patients stated that they had various problems, but were satisfied overall. When asked about the advantages of using the port, 76% of the patients stated that they no longer had more than one vascular puncture problem and 75% stated that they felt less pain. Fifty-one percent of the patients stated that they felt anxiety before the procedure; the most felt concern was possible complications (13 patients) and the thought that it would cause discomfort in life. Nine patients experienced complications after port implantation. Five patients described port system obstruction and four patients described the development of skin infection.

Conclusion: Especially in our country, most patients still do not use central venous ports. The fact that existing fears and anxiety of the patients before the procedure cannot be eliminated with adequate and correct information plays an important role in this. At this point, the operator who performs the surgical procedure in the center where the procedure is performed should inform the patient and the oncology and chemotherapy nurse who give first information to the patient.

Cite this article as: Kaya İÇ. Surveybased evaluation of cancer patients’ satisfaction and discomfort experienced during central venous port use. Koşuyolu Heart J 2023;26(1):1-6.

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The study was approved by Kartal Koşuyolu High Specialization Training and Research Hospital Non-Invasive Clinical Research Ethics Committee (Decision no: 2022/12/624, Date: 23.08.2022).

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