Yusuf Karaveli̇oğlu, Hekim Karapınar, Zuhal Karakurt, Göksel Açar, Özlem Yazıcıoğlu Moçi̇n, Nalan Adıgüzel, Murat Yüksel, Gökay Güngör, Ali Metin Esen

Keywords: Kyphoscoliosis, mechanical ventilation, bi-level continucus positive airway pressure, cardiac function tests, pulmonary hypertension


Introduction: We aimed to evaluate cardiac functions and mortality rate in kyphoscoliosis patients with chronic respiratory failure under long term non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Patients and Methods: Kyphoscoliosis patients, who used NIV, were included in the study. Patients' characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors were recorded. Ambulatory rhythm monitoring and echocardiography were performed for all patients. Results were compared with 26 age-gender matched volunteers without dyspnea. Patients had been followed for five years. Results: Twenty-three kyphoscoliosis patients (54 ± 13 years, 15 male) were included in the study. Hypertension and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation were more frequent in patients. Left ventricular systolic functions were normal but diastolic functions were worsened. Right ventricular sizes were normal but systolic and diastolic functions were worsened and the mean pulmonary artery pressure was higher in kyphoscoliosis patients. Four patients were died in follow up. Two of patients died due to severe hypoxia and two of them died due to sepsis. Clinical and laboratory properties including cardiovascular risk factors, echocardiographic examination were not different between the survived patients and dying ones. Conclusion: Hypertension and arrhythmia are more frequent. The left ventricle is slightly affected but the right ventricle is severely affected and pulmonary pressure is increased in kyphoscoliosis. Cardiovascular functions do not predict mortality in kyphoscoliosis patients under long term NIV treatment.