Anıl Avcı, Muhammet Telli̇ce, Emrah Bayam, Burak Öztürkeri̇, Gökhan Alıcı

Keywords: Central venous port, chemoport, pinch-off syndrome


Transection and embolization of a chemoport secondary to a pinching effect between the clavicle and first rib (pinch-off syndrome) is a rare but serious complication. Pinch-off syndrome usually occurs approximately 5.3 months after the insertion of the catheter. We are reporting a case of an embolized chemoport catheter into the right atrium that occurred 5 years after the chemoport implantation in a patient with breast cancer. Percutaneous retrieval of an embolized chemoport catheter using a snare loop catheter may be safe and effective even in patients who presented very late with pinch-off syndrome.