Seda Tanyeri̇, Berhan Keski̇n, Doğancan Çeneli̇, Özgür Akbal, Ali Karagöz

Keywords: Coronary angiography, coronary anomaly, left ostial coronary atresia


Coronary osteal atresia is a rare anomaly that can present in various combinations. Left osteal coronary atresia is one of the rarest types of the coronary anomalies. In this case report, we present a patient with a single coronary artery arising from the right sinus of the Valsalva and anomalous course of the left coronary artery, which demonstrated occlusion in the circumflex branch. Using different imaging modalities, such as conventional angiography and computed tomography, is essential to understand the patient's anatomy and determine the best course of management.