Kosuyolu Heart J 2010;13(1)
 QRS Fragmentation is Associated with Functional Mitral Regurgitation and Papillary Muscle Dyssynchrony in Patients with Non-ischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Sinus Rhythm (1295 times displayed)
Dr. Kürşat Tigen, Dr. Tansu Karaahmet, Dr. Emre Gürel, Dr. Selçuk Pala,
Dr. Cihan Dündar, Dr. Mustafa Akçakoyun, Dr. Cihan Çevik, Dr. Özcan Basaran,
Dr. Yelda Başaran
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 The Effect of Valsartanon Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate Recovery in Patients With Mild to Moderate Mitral Stenosis (1139 times displayed)
Dr. Hekim Karapinar, Dr. Özlem Batukan Esen, Dr. Mustafa Akçakoyun, Dr. Göksel Açar,
Dr. Selçuk Pala, Dr. Ramazan Kargin, Dr. Hasan Kaya, Dr. Anil Avci, Dr. Cevat Kirma,
Dr. Ali Metin Esen
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 Effects of Mitral Balloon Valvuloplasty on Left Ventricular Systolic Functions: Assessment with Color Tissue Doppler (1191 times displayed)
Mustafa Akcakoyun MD, Hekim Karapinar MD, Ozlem Esen MD, Ramazan Kargin MD,
Selcuk Pala MD, Yunus Emiroglu MD, Zekeriya Kaya MD, Cihan Dundar MD, Akin Izgi MD,
Cevat Kirma MD, Ali Metin Esen MD
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 The Conus Artery Arising From Posterolateral Branch Of The Right Coronary Artery; A Case Report (1517 times displayed)
Mustafa Akcakoyun MD, Özlem Esen MD, Zeki Simsek MD, Göksel Acar MD,
Elnur Alizade MD, Ali Metin Esen MD
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 A Case Report: Isolated Calcification of the Pulmonary Valve and Bleeding of the Esophageal Varices (1182 times displayed)
Fuat Büyükbayrak MD, Ahmet Sasmazel MD, Onursal Bugra MD, Ayse Baysal MD,
Ali Fedakar MD, Orhan Tezcan MD, Hasan Sunar MD
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 Penetrating Stab Wound Of The Right Ventricule (1053 times displayed)
Ahmet Sasmazel MD, Hasan Erdem MD, Fuat Büyükbayrak MD, Onursal Bugra MD 
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 A Large Right Atrial Myxoma Associated With Atrial Flutter Rhythm (1087 times displayed)
Ahmet Sasmazel MD, Türek Onur Ahmet MD, Kavlak Ela Sahinbas MD, Bugra Onursal MD 
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