Kosuyolu Heart J 2003;7(1)
 Assesment of the Need For Anesthetics By BIS Monitoring During 'Off-Pump' Coronary Artery Surgery (626 times displayed)
S. Pocan MD, S. Ozkan MD, M.H. Us MD, M. Gokben MD, O.Y. Ozturk MD 
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 The Analysis of Hemolysis and the Risk Factors in the Patients Who Under-Went Coronary Artery Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass (718 times displayed)
K. Cagli MD, R. Circi MD, P. Sungur MD, M. Emir MD, O. Cakir MD, M. Topbas MD,
E. Sener MD, O. Tasdemir MD
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 One Stage Tecnique For the Correction of Complex Aortic Coartation with Extraanatomic Bypass (623 times displayed)
P.B. Yilmaz MD, M. Karaci MD, K. Karaman MD, L. Onat MD 
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 The Analysis of the Risk Factors For Preoperative Clinic Atrial Fibrillation in the Patients with Aortic Valve Replacement (634 times displayed)
K. Cagli MD, F. Cicekcioglu MD, K. Ergun MD, M. Emir MD, H. Cicekoglu MD, T. Keles MD,
K. Vural MD, M. Topbas MD, E. Sener MD, O. Tasdemir MD
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 A Surgical Gauze Presenting As a Thrombus in Right Atrium Following Aortic Valve Replacement (673 times displayed)
H. Okutan MD, T. Yavuz MD, A.R. Cora MD, A. Ocal MD, E. İbrisim MD, A. Kutsal MD 
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 Huge Mediastinal Thymoma: Report of Two Cases (1930 times displayed)
V. Erentug MD, A. Polat MD, N. Bozbuga MD, S.N. Omeroglu MD, M. Yanartas MD,
K. Kirali MD, M. Guler MD, C. Yakut MD
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 A Case Report: A Rare Form of Right Ventricular Fibroma (691 times displayed)
B.S. Cebeci MD, T. Celik MD, E. Kardesoglu MD, M. Us, B.Y. Cingozbay MD,
Z. Isilak MD, M. Dincturk MD, M. Sungun MD, E. Demiralp MD
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